How to find your life purpose? What is life purpose?


I was speaking with a friend the other day that owns a garage door repair business about what makes people truly successful, what does it mean when people talk about their “life purpose” or what does it mean when people speak about finding that life purpose in life?

To me life purpose is become a person that has achieved unlimited possibilities, a person that can inspire others to live their dreams, my life purpose is to live in more gratitude everyday. To be grateful for life more and more everyday and live in self-acceptance more and more.

What does it take to become that person that is always in self-acceptance the one that realizes you can’t change the past or the future so you just choose to accept everyday and everything in it the good, the bad and neutral. What if we could live in that space but still go out in the world and be a high producer, meaning creating lots of value in the world and getting paid handsomely for it in return. What does that kind of life mean or feel to you, we’re all in this thing together but we all look to the other for answers. What if we already had the potential within us that was capable of so much more.

Because it is the things we tell ourselves everyday that determines the type of person we become tomorrow, so I always journal my goals and keep telling myself what is my purpose, why do I want all those things, why do I want to reach $10,000 a month. I want to hire a team, I want to support another person and help them achieve their goals. I want to support my family and my grandparents. I need to get to $20,000 revenue per month as soon as possible.

My life purpose is to completely transform myself into someone that is worthy of respect & admiration. My life purpose is to be able to help those in need. My life purpose is to live at the highest level spiritually and highest level of happiness and teach others how to do the same. My life purpose is unconditional love.

These are things we don’t regularly talk about and its not something people even aspire to. They think their life purpose is to be that rockstar or celebrity status, but what if our true life purpose wasn’t something that we go out and get externally from us but something we get or cultivate inside us.

When Warren Buffet was asked what he feels is the most powerful lesson in his life he answered “unconditional love” and this is someone that is worth billions, but he is telling us its not the money fame or glory but a quality within that we all have access to. And i thought that was quite profound.

Art YCH The Wolf of Effective Art Selling


What does it take to become a successful artist as in painter, graphic designer, etc?

In today’s world many of us think it is our talent that makes an artist successful or self-sustaining. Yet they over look the most important aspect of being an true artist and that is you have to become an entrepeneur, you are running a business now and its no long just about making art for one, you have to become someone that will influence others to buy your piece of artwork.

This is what most people dismiss, they think that art is something that is purely skill and only the highest skill level artist makes it to the top, yet you see all kinds of different art at the higher levels and you wouldn’t be able to rate any of them on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of skill. Because each art is so unique in its own way. So what makes one artist famous and the other still living in their parents basement? The successful artist knows how to market and sell people. They know how to influence and brand their art. They know how to get attention and most importantly keep it.

Because there is such a disdain for sales person most artist don’t want to admit that they are sales people but consider that nothing in the world happens without deals taking place. An artist needs to master the art of selling their art in order to make a living off of it.

This is what they don’t teach you in school. And don’t get me started on public education either, because that is all crap. In school they don’t teach you how to be successful or how to run a business. In school they teach you all the distraction that doesn’t make a single difference in your ability to go out into the market place and make sales.

This is why if you ever want to become an artist, you must and I REPEAT you MUST learn about sales and persuasion. I would recommend Jordan Belfort and Grant Cardone. These men will instill the killer mindset in sales that you will need in order for you to begin generating income for all your hardwork. Remember you are a business owner and artist, these two things are mutually inclusive always. If you don’t know how to market and brand yourself, you are in big trouble.

When you master the art of sales, you master your destiny.



Destiny? Is there such a thing? How do we align with our purpose & destiny?


When going through life there are certain aspects that seems like it is under your control and then there are certain things that happen to you that seem outside your influence. We call these incidents “shit happens” but then the question I always want to ask is, are the thing that seem like seemingly our control really under our control or do we only think that is so?

When things happen in life, where coincidences are occurring so rapidly it really begs the notion that perhaps all things  are under effect of some other forces shaping reality. How else can you explain meeting that person whom you were supposed to meet at the exact time and date that forever changed your lives?

Do things happen to us or do things happen because of us?

Sure we could dismiss these notions as simply accidents or chances, but when things re-occur over and over again the hold similar, peculiar message behind them its almost as if those actions are under greater control of something else. For example, in order to meet that specific person in that specific time and day, that person’s every little movement that day had to be perfectly synced to him or her going to that bus stop in that exact moment so he could meet you. This includes her forgetting keys in the house and going back and searching for 10 min, this includes the train that came through that forced her stuck waiting for it to leave for 5 min.

And the pace that she walked and so forth and everything till she met that man at the bus stop who quickly got on the bus, only exchanging glances 1-2 seconds but making a strong impression where they met again at a mutual friend party and they started talking with the comments “hey! I saw you at that bus stop the other day”

And the two entered relationship and soon after married.

These are incidents of real life people. When things happen we can look at them in two ways. That everything is an accident or everything has a purpose.

However not everyday do we feel like we are on the ball, some days the day just goes and everything we do falls down and collapse. We call these days our off days.

Perhaps the more correct perspective is that there are some states we enter that allows us to enter more synchronicity life events while there are other states where we go into discord with our surroundings.

The fact that these phenomenon seem to exist in people’s life experience should be enough to warrant this is true and real possibility. It doesn’t just happen to 1 person sometimes, we can bet big money that it happens to everyone before.

Some people just may not be aware of it.

Synchronicity Leads to New Business Opportunities

Let me give you my latest experience with what I like to call Synchronicity Life events.

Few blog back, I wrote about sealing a deal with tow truck guy after getting my car towed.

As I sat there at the auto repair shop, waiting for my car to get fixed, I sat next to a gentlemen and me and him started making small talk. It first started with the magazine with sports cars on it that I was reading in the waiting room. He then told me he owns a Corvette and asked me “what type of car guy are you?”

I jokingly answered “Rolls Royce Ghost”, which is one of the most luxurious vehicle on the planet that would only be affordable to the top .01% of the population.

He looked at me and said “well I am making a rolls royce ghost limousine right now”

Well he had my interest because I’ve been looking to get into the limo business, luck would have it I meet this man that’s in the business of building, renting & selling limos and helping people get into the business and coaching them how to do it successful.

And we talked for good 1 hour talking about different limos his built, he even built a Corvette Limo a decade ago that was apparently making him over $160,000 a year.

In hindsight, this was an insane synchronicity, because we exchange numbers and contact info and we’re now meeting few weeks from now discussing what kind of limo to purchase and how to get started with the business which I plan to start on the side.

He showed me his website in which he runs down how to start a limo business properly.

He has been in the business for over 25 years so he is a wealth of information each time I speak to him on the phone.. Now I am gaining confidence and more desire about limousines after seeing some of the vehicles he has listed on the site, I especially love the Rolls Royce Phantom and Excalibur limos.

Stay tuned…

In Conclusion: I truly believe there is such thing as Destiny, the key for us is to align ourselves with it by holding a vision of what it is that we want to do and have in this life.

The artist of my own destiny

What does it mean to be an artist? An artist is one the use the creative part of their brain in any endeavor, an artist is one that produces.

An artist is one the transitions from consumerism to producer. An artist creates his own destiny by sheer will full actions of getting what he or she wants in life.

An artist is someone that takes no for an answer, and pursues his life calling. A true artist breaks down social conditioning and boundaries. A true artist gives love instead of take love from others.

An artist blossoms into the greatest version of himself in order to fulfill his purpose in life. An artist does unto others what they wish unto themselves.

A true artist has found his calling in life and proceeds relentlessly after his mission.

We are all born as artists but not all of us die as artists. An artist is therefore one that stubbornly refused to give up on his innate urges to be creative, spontaneous & ambitious.

Everyday I wake up and wish only one thing, that I am alive & ambitious and I am working hard towards my goals and my visions. Everyday I have only one wish and that is to truly live my purpose and my passion.

If I am granted my one wish then each day I am truly blessed and I gain everything.

It I am given this one gift of being on fire each day then I gain the world.

Therefore I have come to a cross roads of no point of return. Once I cross this path, then the old begins falling away and the new life begins coming into focus.

All things are possible when we open our hearts to what is already here.

The new life and new path is all here right now, the unlimited amounts of laughter, joy, health, beauty, attraction, chemistry, wealth, & freedom.

These are qualities that is worth dying for. This is what I get up each day excited to get to work. I am here to create a change because I am one that continually gets up and goes after it again and again.

-Thinking deep thoughts, today is May 26th, 2016 I have taken my first step towards becoming an entrepreneur and I will never be turning back.

Everyday I’m Grindin


Here is day in the life of Art YCH, wake up 6 in the morning, while people are getting dressed for work, I’m making a concotion of powerful of unpasturized milk drink with raw egg in it, while everyone is eating cereal, I am getting smarter…

I will not waste another minute or day, I keep my tools sharp so I can harness the power for the day, too many of us begin wasting their time the moment they wake up. When I found myself in a loop of wasting time, I let go and refocus on my path and my dreams, I forgive myself for straying off course and bring myself back into alignment again and again.

Today was a good day, I exclaim. I make the day my b!tch because I can. A lot of people will say I had a crap day, I mean I was on the way to the supply store for art work and I got rear ended, where most people fall into victim mindset, I chose to take 100% responsibility for whatever happened to me, so what I had to call a towing company, and the cops.

Big deal, I’m still aren’t I?

Here my favorite author Michael Brown talks about how to respond instead of react

I called the tow trucks and what did I do? I started talking business with the tow truck guy and how I can help take his business to the next level, and I gave him my business card and I was well on my way back when he calls me to tell me he is interested in partnering up with me. See when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. And that’s certainly what I did today.

These occurences remind me everyday that its not what happens to you that matters but its how you respond to the situation that matters most. How we chose to respond to every circumstance could dictate our destiny.

If I had chosen to respond in that moment the guy rear ended me to play the victim card and feel sorry for myself, I would not have been in an empowered state to get the business deal with the towing company that’s for sure.


I will say that ever since I have been committed to choosing how to respond in any given moment, I feel much more alive and empowered as a human being than ever before. I would like to continue developing this skill and make good use of it everyday.

It’s one of my profound lessons that I am learning these days, the possibility that nothing in life has any real built-in meaning, except the meaning we assign it.

This is a new concept for me and It will still take few days of processing.

But the amount of choice and powerful I feel when I consciously chose to respond in a way that’s empowering to me, I feel much better about myself.


Daily Thoughts of a True Artist

I just wanted to jot down some inspirational thought provoking ideas and mindsets that I’ve been reading about lately. You know they say you are the 5 friends you hang out with most, which shows that humans get influenced by those around us, so what if you replaced your friends with 5 incredible books and audio books and begin to learn that way.

Surely you will get on a new type of wavelength and attract more of those types of people to you. Some of the books that I’ve been really into has been 10X by Grant Cardone. He is an ex-car salesman and he reached the top 1% producer in his company and began teaching others about the new way of selling, one that is based on information.

Before Internet was even out, Grant woke up to the fact that the old ways of deception no longer worked in today’s marketplace where the consumers are either armed with knowledge or will seek out knowledge before they buy on impulse.

That isn’t to say people still don’t make rash decisions based on emotion but with the internet out and accessible on the phone, people strive first and foremost to get educated first before they take the step to buy.

This is why Grant talks about educating the customer so that they can make an empowered decision.

I have been applying these sales techniques in my own life and business as an artist as I feel that sales training is applicable to anyone that owns their own business.

Grant Also talks about taking massive action in one area of life, if that area is not aligned with your dreams then having the awareness to shift focus and redirect your energies to areas where you do want to see substantial improvement and growth.

This shift in awareness is what I feel as the key to my career as an artist, because most everyone do not put art as the single most important thing in their life, it is for many friends, family, & associates with their attempt to help me, actually causes me to lose focus on the 1 area I have to grow in.

This is when I came to realization about changing the group of people you hang out with so you are taking into new perspective that is constructive to you, not detrimental.

Does this mean I have to move to a different state and go get artist friends?

What do you think about your social environment? is it conducive to your success? or is it slowly taking away from way 1 small drip at a time.

Welcome to YCH Nation

Hello everyone, welcome to the YCH blog.

YCH stands for Your Champion Hero

Our art and vision is about empowering the part of ourselves that is divine and all powerful, I am an artist at heart. I make oil paintings and more, and I used to run a robust online art gallery and shop. However I am now limiting my art sales to local and I will dedicate this website to describe my daily life and the vision I have for making powerful art and expressing myself in more empowering ways that will give confidence to others.

A year ago, I had a personal crisis that put my art selling to a hold and I had to put everything on hold while I tried to figure out what was happening and why it was happening. There was a period of dark period where I was lost and I even stopped drawing all together. Now as someone that’s been drawing art since the age of 2, this was a very big deal.

But I’m not here to get on my soap box and lament about my past, but to simply tell you that I have crawled my way out of my darkness and now I want to share with my readers how I did it and to share some empowering insights I have gathered around the way.

So if you like to read some inspiring posts from a crazy artist, this is the blog for you.

Are all artists depressed people?

I wouldn’t call it that, but they may be more emotional oriented people, & more sensitive people. This is why you see many famous artists that seemed very unhappy such as Van Gogh, but what is great about these artists is that you are getting something real. You are getting the true expression of the human condition, whether that be a very challenging hand dealt with by god or some karmic forces, we do not know entirely what are all the factors involved.

All that matter is if that person is willing to get back up and keep going with life.