Daily Thoughts of a True Artist

I just wanted to jot down some inspirational thought provoking ideas and mindsets that I’ve been reading about lately. You know they say you are the 5 friends you hang out with most, which shows that humans get influenced by those around us, so what if you replaced your friends with 5 incredible books and audio books and begin to learn that way.

Surely you will get on a new type of wavelength and attract more of those types of people to you. Some of the books that I’ve been really into has been 10X by Grant Cardone. He is an ex-car salesman and he reached the top 1% producer in his company and began teaching others about the new way of selling, one that is based on information.

Before Internet was even out, Grant woke up to the fact that the old ways of deception no longer worked in today’s marketplace where the consumers are either armed with knowledge or will seek out knowledge before they buy on impulse.

That isn’t to say people still don’t make rash decisions based on emotion but with the internet out and accessible on the phone, people strive first and foremost to get educated first before they take the step to buy.

This is why Grant talks about educating the customer so that they can make an empowered decision.

I have been applying these sales techniques in my own life and business as an artist as I feel that sales training is applicable to anyone that owns their own business.

Grant Also talks about taking massive action in one area of life, if that area is not aligned with your dreams then having the awareness to shift focus and redirect your energies to areas where you do want to see substantial improvement and growth.

This shift in awareness is what I feel as the key to my career as an artist, because most everyone do not put art as the single most important thing in their life, it is for many friends, family, & associates with their attempt to help me, actually causes me to lose focus on the 1 area I have to grow in.

This is when I came to realization about changing the group of people you hang out with so you are taking into new perspective that is constructive to you, not detrimental.

Does this mean I have to move to a different state and go get artist friends?

What do you think about your social environment? is it conducive to your success? or is it slowly taking away from way 1 small drip at a time.

Welcome to YCH Nation

Hello everyone, welcome to the YCH blog.

YCH stands for Your Champion Hero

Our art and vision is about empowering the part of ourselves that is divine and all powerful, I am an artist at heart. I make oil paintings and more, and I used to run a robust online art gallery and shop. However I am now limiting my art sales to local and I will dedicate this website to describe my daily life and the vision I have for making powerful art and expressing myself in more empowering ways that will give confidence to others.

A year ago, I had a personal crisis that put my art selling to a hold and I had to put everything on hold while I tried to figure out what was happening and why it was happening. There was a period of dark period where I was lost and I even stopped drawing all together. Now as someone that’s been drawing art since the age of 2, this was a very big deal.

But I’m not here to get on my soap box and lament about my past, but to simply tell you that I have crawled my way out of my darkness and now I want to share with my readers how I did it and to share some empowering insights I have gathered around the way.

So if you like to read some inspiring posts from a crazy artist, this is the blog for you.

Are all artists depressed people?

I wouldn’t call it that, but they may be more emotional oriented people, & more sensitive people. This is why you see many famous artists that seemed very unhappy such as Van Gogh, but what is great about these artists is that you are getting something real. You are getting the true expression of the human condition, whether that be a very challenging hand dealt with by god or some karmic forces, we do not know entirely what are all the factors involved.

All that matter is if that person is willing to get back up and keep going with life.